production update #1

Phase One of production is almost complete. Phase Two will begin shortly.

The production has been broken down as follows:

  • Phase One | Conduct research. Schedule first round of Interviews. Shoot first round of interviews and b-roll. Edit together a teaser and sample clips. Create a basic website. Build a social media and crowdfunding campaign.
  • Phase Two | Launch social media campaign. Launch crowdfunding campaign. Edit more sample clips. If crowdfunding campaign is successful, then: Shoot second round of interviews and second round of b-roll. Upgrade website. Edit together a rough cut. If crowdfunding campaign is unsuccessful, then: find a different way to attain finishing funds.
  • Phase Three | Hire experienced co-editor. Collaboratively edit together 3 different final cuts. Strategize marketing and distribution plan.

With the new world of distribution looking like the Wild Wild West, Michael will remain quiet on the marketing and distribution plan until he has surveyed all the options.


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